The Story of Us

Welcome to! I’m Kayla, and I started this blog when a friend pointed out to me the glaring lack of black mommy bloggers – especially raising multiples. I like to write and I like my babies, so why not combine the two?

 Here’s a bit of background on how our little family, and this blog, came to be.


 The ultimate millennial love story: it all started when I slid into his DMs. We had a mutual Facebook friend and commented on the same status. Then I followed him on Twitter and announced he was my Twitter crush. We started to Skype and fell in love via text message. When we finally met in person on my 22nd birthday, that was all she wrote – our Internet love affair turned IRL. I know, it sounds like a very “hello, fellow kids” advertising firm trying to figure out how to market a love story to the social media generation. But I swear, that’s really how it happened. This is why you should stop ignoring that DM in your inbox. It could lead to a family!


After three years of dating, James proposed to me during a rainy beach trip to Tybee Island in 2013. We got married on August 23rd, 2014, in a tiny prayer chapel on campus at Stillman College in Tuscaloosa in front of about a dozen family members and friends.


 After two years of wedded, childless bliss, we decided to start our family. At my first ultrasound at eight weeks pregnant, the ultrasound tech showed us our baby’s little heart beating…then noticed a second heartbeat. Twins! And in the same amniotic sac. Identical twins! After a high-risk pregnancy and what felt like a hundred ultrasounds and check-ups, our twin sons, Alexander and Nathan, were born on March 7th, 2017. They were six weeks premature and spent 59 days in the NICU. On May 4th, we took Alexander home from the hospital, and the next day, we took Nathan home. They were just days short of two months old.

 Now the four of us are living a sweet little life in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. James and I are dog tired 99% of the time but our little boys are happy, healthy, and thriving. I started this blog to chronicle our lives and provide some support for anyone else doing what sometimes feels like the impossible. Raising twins can be exhausting, overwhelming, and really, really loud, but I never knew my heart could be so full.

People ask us all the time, “How do you do it?” and we always give the same response: “We don’t have a choice, so we figure it out as we go.” Thanks for joining us in figuring it out!


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