Valentine’s Day: Celebrating After Babies (And Our Crazy Fun V-Day Tradition)

Originally posted February 16, 2018.

Valentine’s Day: Celebrating After Babies (And Our Crazy Fun V-Day Tradition)

This week was Valentine’s Day. It was all in all a pretty normal day, but it brought to mind one of our favorite traditions for Valentine’s Day! It’s not as easy to do now that we have kiddos, but it’s a fun, exciting, spontaneous way to get away together and do something new!

The tradition started a few years ago when James and I wanted to take a trip for Valentine’s Day but didn’t want to break the bank. I’d wanted to recreate the weekend we got engaged. We had taken a beach trip to Tybee Island and it stormed the whole weekend, so we bought tons of junk food and stayed in our room at the bed and breakfast we had rented, eating and watching movies. It ended up being the most fun, relaxing time, and I knew I wanted to do something like that again, but couldn’t decide where to go. Then it hit me: why don’t we just not decide? Why not take a trip without planning it? The wheels in my head started to turn, and thankfully, James is good about indulging my whims.

The plan was simple: Pick a highway and drive a while. I downloaded a “Spin the Wheel” app where you can label each space on the wheel. On the wheel, I made each choice a different highway in Atlanta, where we living at the time: 75 North, 75 South, 85 North, 85 South, 20 East, or 20 West. We packed our bags, and the morning of our trip, we spun the wheel, and it told us what highway to get on – 75 South. We got on the road, and decided to drive until we were tired of driving. We ended up driving for about two hours before we finally pulled off the highway to a random town, found the closest decent hotel, and checked in. We went out to eat for lunch, then we found a store and bought a weekend’s worth of junk food. It was an awesome weekend, and we knew that was going to be our new thing. After that, it was our Valentine’s Day tradition!

This year, we chose not to do the “spontaneous road trip” since we have Thing 1 and Thing 2 now, but we had just as great a day! Since the twins are older now and eating almost all table food and very little baby food or formula, we decided they were old enough to join us for a date night dinner. We went to a local pizza restaurant, the twins were super well-behaved, and the four of us had a fun time laughing, eating, and enjoying some sweet family time. It may have not been a huge event, but it was one of the best Valentine’s Days I’ve ever had because I got to spend it with my three special guys.

To add to our special day this year, I was fortunate enough to receive a unique wooden watch by JORD to give James as a gift. He’s a big watch guy and loves minimalist watches and wood jewelry. He actually has a wood wedding band! So the watch I gave him, the JORD Hyde watch in Kosso Gray, was right up his alley. I chose the Kosso wood in particular because it matched his wedding band and a wood pendant on a necklace that he wears regularly. I was so happy to be able to give him something that was just his style that he wasn’t expecting. It was the icing on the cake – I had told him that I was getting a JORD watch but didn’t tell him that it was for him. I was so excited when it arrived that I had to give it to him early! I couldn’t contain myself.

James loved his JORD watch, and I was happy that I was able to do it for him. JORD also offers watch engraving and have wood care products, which is something to consider gifting him for our next big celebration (his 30th birthday and our 4th wedding anniversary are just weeks apart this summer!) I’m also excited because I’ve been given the opportunity to give away a $100 gift code for JORD watches (for any watch you choose – either men’s or women’s), and there are still a few days to enter if you haven’t yet! You can get 10% off a JORD watch just for entering. Giveaway ends 2/18.

We had a great Valentine’s Day this year! Do you have any fun traditions or do anything exciting with your boo? Comment below!

 Disclaimer: I received the JORD watch at no cost for mentioning it here and on my social media channels, but all opinions are my own!



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