Our Must-Have Baby Care Products

The twins have sensitive skin and heads full of hair, so I’ve had to be careful about what products I use for them to keep their skin from getting irritated and their hair from drying out. I’ve tried lots of different products in the short few months they’ve been home with us, but I’ve finally got a collection of products I trust. Bath time is my favorite time of day. Whether we do a full bath or a quick before-bed wipe down, we have a consistent routine.

Here are my must-have baby care products!


1. Mustela PhysiObebe No-Rinse Cleansing Micellar Water

Around 13 weeks, the boys broke out in bad acne all over their faces. I knew it wasn’t bothering them and it was just cosmetic, but I really wanted to get rid of it. Their pediatrician told me warm water, then Aquaphor, then washing with Dove soap – but nothing worked. Finally, I googled how to get rid of baby acne for good and saw tons of great reviews for Mustela PhysioBebe. I ordered some on Amazon right away. It wasn’t cheap, but it worked so well! It cleared their skin up in about a week. I swab their face with it every day with a cotton ball to keep it clean. Plus, on days where I don’t give them a full bath, I wipe down their necks and diaper area with it. It also smells great, very flowery and light.


2. Another Homegrown Product Crown of Glory Oil

The boys have a ton of hair, and I noticed it was starting to break and dry out, mainly in the back where it rubs when they’re lying down. So I only wash their hair about twice a week, and I apply this oil to their hair and scalp nightly. It’s moisturized the dry patch in their hair and keeps it shiny and smelling good. It’s also helped the breakage that was making their long hair patchy.


3. Cetaphil Baby Gentle Wash and Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion

I’ve tried many different soaps and lotions on the twins. I started off using Johnson & Johnson Bedtime Baby Wash because that’s what we got as gifts. However, their skin kept breaking out and finally their pediatrician told me they had sensitive skin and some baby eczema. After that, I switched to Aveeno Baby eczema products, but I didn’t like the smell and it didn’t do much to improve their skin. Now, I use Cetaphil Baby products. It’s gentle enough that it doesn’t irritate their skin, but still has a pleasant smell, unlike the Aveeno products.


4. Dove Baby Shampoo

I try not to wash their hair too often, but they still need it to be cleaned well since they tend to spit-up while lying down and it often finds its way into their hair. Dove Baby Shampoo gets it clean and gets out any build-up. Plus, I don’t have to worry about it being too harsh if it gets on their faces because of how gentle it is. After shampooing their hair, I apply the Crown of Glory oil and comb it out to make sure it’s squeaky clean and good for the next few days.


5. WaterWipes

The NICU nurses used these wipes on the babies when they were in the hospital because they’re chemical free. They contain only water and grapefruit extract and are approved by the National Eczema Association and are safe to use on baby’s faces instead of regular baby wipes, which can be irritating. I use these to clean their necks and faces throughout the day and to wipe them down before bed on nights that they don’t get in the bathtub.


6. The Blooming Bath

This is one item that I didn’t register for and I definitely should have! Thankfully, a friend gave us theirs after their baby outgrew it. This was a game-changer for bath time. I put it in the kitchen sink and my babies were cozy, comfortable, and happy while taking a bath. They were so content during baths in this that sometimes I had to keep them from falling asleep. Now they’re starting to get too big for sink baths in the Blooming Bath, which makes me sad! But I have lots of pictures of them naked in a giant flower to blackmail them with down the line.


7. Safety Swabs

Someone recommended that to prevent thrush, I wipe out my babies’ mouth with a washcloth during baths. I did this a few times and they absolutely hated it. As soon as I stuck the washcloth in their mouths, they screamed bloody murder. Now, I swab out their tongues, gums, and inside of their cheeks with safety swabs. It’s the same effect, but they’re much more agreeable and don’t mind it at all.


8. Vicks Baby Rub

I started using Vicks Baby Rub on them when I noticed they were both congested and breathing hard at night. After baths, I put Vicks Baby Rub on their feet with socks or in footed pajamas. The Baby Rub is not medicated and contains aloe vera and fragrances of eucalyptus, rosemary, and lavender. I love the smell and it’s soothing and calming while helping with their stuffy noses. I use this even when they’re not congested. I think the aroma is relaxing and puts them in the mind that it’s time for bed.


Note: The Amazon links are affiliate links, so if you decide to buy, the twins and I get paid. All recommendations and opinions are my own, though, I promise!

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