How I Shop for Twins Without Going Broke

One of the challenges of having twins is definitely shopping for them! If you read my last post on misconceptions about being a stay-at-home mom, you’ll recall my mentioning that we are not rolling in dough by any stretch of the imagination. But we still have two very quickly growing babies who need new clothes faster than we can keep up! And shopping for twins definitely comes with challenges. I’m one of those twin moms that like everything to match. I even match their pajamas at night. This can be hard when I see something I love, and there’s only one – I leave it at the store for a nice mom with one baby to find. Here are my secrets for shopping for two babies without going broke.

1. I set a price limit and stick to it.

I don’t pay more than $10 for any one item. Period – end of story. Whether I have to shop clearance, wait for a sale, or use a promo code, I stick to my price limit. Shopping for twins, if I start to fudge that number, before I know it, I’ll have gone way out of budget. So if there’s an item that I’m dying for, and it costs more than $10, then that’s too bad. If there’s no way I can get under my price limit, I don’t buy it. This is hard sometimes! I see adorable things all the time that are out of my budget. But it’s easy to pour too much money into clothes that won’t fit for long, so I have to be rigid.

2. I go

I love a consignment store, like Once Upon a Child. There, you can get gently used kids’ clothes for a fraction of the price. Once Upon a Child is owned by the same company that runs Plato’s Closet, where I buy a lot of my own clothes. Once Upon a Child periodically has great sales like $1 onesies. These are awesome, especially when your babies are small – there are racks and racks of newborn and 0-3 month onesies.

Shopping consignment can be difficult with twins when you want them to match because it’s often hard to find two of everything, but there’s a solution for that too! is an online consignment shop just for multiples where you can buy two (or three) of everything for a discounted price.

3. When it comes to baby clothes, I love Walmart!

Walmart is one of my favorite places to go for baby clothes, simply because it’s so inexpensive and it’s easy to find two of everything. The Garanimals line is super cheap, so I always stock up on the next size. They also sell clothes in the Gerbers Onesies line, which include items like $2 separates and $9 two-packs of sleepers. Garanimals zip-up sleepers are only $5, and the twins have a ton of them in every size. I always know when the twins are running out of a certain size, I can stop in Walmart and get a bunch of new things without spending a lot.

4. I make the clearance rack my first stop!

I love shopping for baby clothes in stores like Babies ‘R’ Us, Target, Old Navy, and Carter’s, but with two little ones, I refuse to pay full price for anything. I go straight to the clearance section first. In fact, when I go to Target, the baby clearance rack is always my first stop as soon as I walk in the door, and I always find lots of cute things. Usually, I can fill my cart with clearance items that I love before I even venture to the rest of the baby department.

5. I go to Amazon Prime for pretty much everything.

My family has a running joke about my obsession with Amazon Prime. But it’s seriously a lifesaver when shopping for two babies! I buy all of their shoes on Amazon for less than $9 a pair, and they have cute little sneakers that go with everything, like these solid canvas crib shoes. They aren’t close to walking, so right now shoes are just for aesthetics and I don’t have to invest too much money in them yet. I also get all of their bibs on Amazon. NeatSolutions sell them the way I like – with waterproof backs – in different colors in sets of 10 for $7. It’s also a great place to buy basics, like plain white onesies and socks. I also got their Halloween costumes super cheap on Amazon – but those are a surprise!

6. I don’t shop without sales and promo codes.

Online stores like Carter’s, The Children’s Place, and Old Navy are always having sales, and there is almost always a promo code. When shopping online, I never buy anything without checking RetailMeNot to see if there’s a discount code for whatever I’m buying. You can save lots of money, on both items and shipping, by checking RetailMeNot when shopping for baby clothes. At the beginning of the summer, I bought the twins 8 graphic tees and 8 onesies and spent a total of $70 – a total of about $4 per item, including shipping. Similarly, I bought them 8 pairs of shorts and 2 creepers for a total of $46. This was taking advantage of sales, promo codes, and not breaking my “$10 or less” rule.

Moms, sound off  in the comments – what are your surefire tips for saving money on your little ones’ clothes? I’d love to hear them!