Get Out of the House! 4 Fun Activities To Do With Your Baby

When I first decided to stay home with the twins, I had no intention of us going further than the grocery store. But after about a week, I knew we had to get out more because quite frankly, I was going nuts. I don’t know what it is about being at home, but they seem fussier there and I find myself getting frustrated much more easily as the walls start closing in on us. After a conversation with another mom, I started looking into activities we could do together to mix up our routine and add more excitement to our daily lives. Now, our week is packed full of fun, and it’s nothing to me to grab the diaper bag, break out the double stroller (which stays in the trunk) and head out for our daily adventure. Here are my favorite baby-friendly activities that I do with my kiddos every week!

  1. Kindermusik

Tuesdays are Kindermusik day! Kindermusik is an age-appropriate music class for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. The twins’ class, Kindermusik Village, is for babies from birth to 17 months and is made up of about 7 babies. We registered for this class in advance, paying $115 per baby for the semester. In addition to a spot in the class, we also received materials to do class activities at home, like the CD, book, and musical instruments corresponding to what we do in class. We love Kindermusik! Every week, we sing songs from different cultures, dance, and play instruments. Seeing the same babies every week, we get to socialize and make new friends – both babies and parents! It’s also great for sensory engagement, language development, and teaching through rhythm and sound. Our “semester” is coming to an end, but I plan to keep registering them! Kindermusik classes here run up to age 5 ½.

Kindermusik is an international program. You can check their website to find a nearby class.

  1. Story Time at the Public Library

This activity is so much fun, and it’s FREE! Many public libraries offer story time every week for little tykes. Our local library hosts “Baby Steps” every Wednesday. The kids listen to two (usually interactive) stories, as well as singing songs, playing instruments, looking through board books, and every session ends with a bubble machine! This is a great option if you’re looking to do something fun, free, and indoors and you want to expose your baby to books early. Look into your local library and see if they offer baby and toddler groups! If not, I’d still take the twins to the children’s section and have our own story time. I’d love for them to never remember a time of their lives when they didn’t like the library.

  1. Stroller/Mommy & Me Workout Groups

I’m currently in the midst of the ultimate struggle: losing the baby weight. And it’s harder than I thought with two babies! I don’t have time for the gym hours like I used to. So this kills two birds with one stone: I get to get a workout in and the kiddos get to go out and see the world. I’ve worked out at Mommy and Me Time Fitness in Birmingham, AL and I loved the Stroller Boot Camp Class! I’ve also met up for “stroll dates” with other moms (that you meet taking your babies to activities) and am working on organizing a stroller fitness group here in Tuscaloosa! Lots of cities have stroller or mommy & me workout groups. If you can’t find an “official” one, like Fit4Mom, search Facebook groups and see where moms near you are working out. It’s very motivating to be around like-minded women when you’re trying to meet the tough goal of getting your body back after baby.

  1. Baby Time at the Children’s Museum

Tuscaloosa’s children’s museum is the Children’s Hands On Museum – CHOM for short. CHOM hosts a baby and toddler music class three times a week called Movin’ and Groovin’. They also have an entire section of the museum specifically for babies to enjoy! The twins are under a year old, so their admission is free. A family membership to CHOM is $75, and honestly, it’s worth it to always have a place to take them when we’re going stir crazy. We’ve also been to the children’s science museum in Birmingham, the McWane Science Center, and it seems to be a theme that most children’s museums have a baby/toddler section. Like the library, this is another activity that can grow with your child. As they become too old for the baby section, there’s plenty of activities for older children to enjoy.

If we do all of these activities, our week is nice and full! It’s a great way to make the most of my time as a stay-at-home mom and expose my babies to different experiences early on. It also makes the whole stay-at-home mom thing easier because I get to meet and interact with other moms everyday. Staying home with two babies who can’t even talk to me can be really lonely, but taking the babies out helps – I have actually formed friendships with moms I’ve met in different baby classes. All of our babies are around the same age, so we have that in common – everyone “gets it.”

If you’ve got young kiddos, I encourage you to hop on Google and explore what’s in your area – get out of the house! Moms, what do you do with your little ones for fun? Drop a comment below!

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