Belk DIY Denim Bus Tour

This weekend, we got to do something really unique and different for us – a visit to the Belk DIY Denim Bus tour during its stop at University Mall in Tuscaloosa!

The experience began with shopping at Belk for new fall denim for the twins and I. Shopping for the twins can be a challenge for me. It can get expensive, and often times, when I find something I like, it’s hard to find two of the same size. Plus, being back at school teaching full-time, my teacher wardrobe was looking a little sad – especially considering the last time I taught full-time, I was pregnant and everything I wore was XXL. This time, though, I was able to shop for all three of us in one trip and left super satisfied! I got the twins each a pair of these True Craft toddler skinny jeans, a Paw Patrol Mighty Pups t-shirt, a Crown and Ivy polo shirt, and  – my favorite – a pair of True Craft denim overalls. I got myself a True Craft chambray shirtdress, a True Craft printed crew neck t-shirt, and a Tinseltown denim skirtall to match my boys! Once our shopping was done, we were ready to hit the DIY Denim Bus!

When we finally saw the bus, the twins instantly gave an awed “oooooh!” It was big, bright, and colorful, plus they’re in that little boy “we love vehicles” phase. They’d never been on a school bus before or even seen one that close up, and this wasn’t your average school bus, so they were really excited! Outside, there were big baskets of candy (their favorite part), coloring books with crayons, markers, and colored pencils, and sidewalk chalk – lots to do outside to keep little ones occupied while waiting for your turn on the bus. There was also a cool Belk backdrop for photos and plenty of seating.

Once we got on the bus, it was my turn to “ooh” and “ahh!” All the seats had been removed, and the interior was so stylishly decorated. There were bins and bins of every kind of patch imaginable, and the twins took delight in digging through and finding which ones they liked best. Since we wore our matching overall outfits, we brought the boys’ skinny jeans and my chambray shirtdress to embellish. The Belk staff were so helpful and patient with the boys as they considered patch after patch. Finally, they chose – with a little help – their names down the leg of the patch and their own special patches all around. Alex chose a sun and an ice cream cone and Nathan chose a piece of candy and a helicopter.

I told the staff that I wanted something “subtle” for my shirtdress – which may have been a vague request, but they helped me pick out a little multi-colored heart for the front pocket. I loved it so much I wore it to work the next day! (See teacher selfie below!) The process of embellishing the jeans was super fast. The staff helped us place the patches and then used a big iron-on press to put them on before giving us care instructions – wash normally and simply hit with an iron if they start peeling over time. That was it! It was simple, easy, and fun.

You guys know by now that the twins ALWAYS wear matching outfits! Like, even to bed at night. If the twins aren’t matching, I’m either really not feeling well and didn’t have the energy to find two of the same thing or we really, really, really need to do laundry. This time, though, the boys got to show a bit of individual style while staying true to their twindom. The jeans are the same, but the design is unique, just like my guys – might look the same, but really different!

We had lots of fun doing something special and have such cool keepsakes to take home! Click here to shop Belk denim and get ready for fall for the whole family!

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