About Us

Hi guys! I’m Kayla Eubanks and my husband James and I are bringing up sweet and unbearably adorable identical brown-skinned boys, Alexander and Nathan, born March 7, 2017. James is a college instructor working on his PhD and I’m a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, grad student and special education teacher (phew!)

Alex and Nathan were preemies, born six weeks early, and spent 59 days in the NICU. The time they spent in the hospital was a rollercoaster, but we finally brought them home around two months old. Now, they are crazy toddlers, bouncing off the walls but making everybody smile. Yes, our hands are full, our ears are ringing, and we have permanent bags under our eyes, but our house is filled with love, laughter, and #BlackBoyJoy.

Since I started this blog, I re-discovered my love of health, wellness, and fitness, and got my personal trainer certification, so it has evolved from postpartum musings and dreams of getting back to my old self, to a place to share all of the fitness tips and tricks that work for me and that I hope will work for you.

I started this blog to share our journey and support not just the black parent or the parent of multiples, but any parent in between. Sometimes, it feels like we were tasked to do the impossible, but we are figuring out what works for our family. Follow our adventure as we raise these two beautiful boys to be the best black men they can be.