8 Baby Rules I Broke (That I Swore I’d Follow)

Even before Alexander and Nathan were born, it seemed like I was bombarded with “rules” to follow when taking care of a baby. From the Infant Care class at the hospital, to the Moms On Call book that came highly recommended from friends, to the “age appropriate guidelines” handout that we were given at all of the twins’ checkups, it seemed like there were so many things people suggested for babies – and before the twins came home from the NICU, I was so sure I’d follow all of them. I was so wrong! Here are 8 rules I broke with my babies and why I did it.

1. After six months of co-sleeping, your baby should sleep on his own.

For a while, I was embarrassed to admit it, but now I don’t care. The twins are 10 months old, and we still co-sleep. It’s totally me. I love co-sleeping. Having my baby beside me at night fills me with warm and fuzzies – and made it easy to avoid sleep training, which I really didn’t want to do. Now that they’re getting older (and way bigger), it seems like it may be time to get them sleeping in their own beds. However, I must say, I have enjoyed sleeping with them for the past eight months, and I can’t guarantee that once they’re in their own beds, I won’t spend at least one night in their room with them, right in between those two cribs.

2. Disinfect and sanitize everything daily to keep baby germ-free.

Please! With two babies in my care, often alone, it’s not going to happen. Plus, eventually, the babies started “sharing” pacifiers and teethers – like, taking it out of his brother’s mouth and putting it in his. It is impossible for me to keep everything sanitary. For the first couple months, I was hypervigilant about germs. After a while, they got really busy and into everything, and I realized they were fine. So I don’t sweat it too much! Building immune systems, right?

3. Your baby should never sleep in the bed with you.

I swore up and down I would never start this habit with my kids. I slept in the bed with my own mom for so long, she had to bribe me with toys to sleep in my own bed. Then one night, I had a fussy baby who would only sleep if he was beside me in the bed. That was the beginning of the end. Soon, they were sleeping with us every night. Is it a habit we maybe shouldn’t have started? Sure. But it’s definitely not the end of the world, and something lots of people do.

4. You shouldn’t sit your baby in front of the TV.

Maybe if I just had one baby, I’d be more likely to abide by this, but having two of them makes it pretty much impossible to get anything done without some kind of distraction. Enter Super Simple Songs, our favorite YouTube channel. They love dancing to the cute baby-friendly music, and I love them having something to keep them occupied when I can’t get to them at that exact moment. I have zero remorse – it’s a tool for survival.

5. You should wait until your baby is 8 months old to give them table food.

I don’t even remember what age we started feeding them off of our plates. I just know that it was long before their first tooth arrived, and when their pediatrician asked if we were making sure to just give them soft table foods, I replied with an “Umm…sure,” thinking of the chicken and marinara they had gummed down a few days prior. My babies eat just about everything we eat, save obvious choking hazards like grapes and anything they’re allergic to, and though every child nutritionist would cringe at the thought, I already know from experience that my ten-month-olds LOVE french fries. Oops.

6. Your baby should never sleep in a bouncer.

Let me set the scene. It’s 3 AM. Both babies are wide awake and showing no signs of going back to sleep. My solution? I buckle them both in their bouncers, put lullaby videos on the TV, and wait. Before I know it, all of us are snoozing. I get them out and lay them down as soon as I can, but those little naps in the bouncer have never hurt any of us, and sometimes, they’re all I can do.

7. Start weaning your baby off the bottle at six months old.

Six months?! At six months, they were just getting the hang of holding their own bottle and finishing it on their own. Why would I take it away when we were just getting to the good part? While I’ve introduced sippy cups and we now eat mostly baby or table food and not nearly as much formula, they still get a bottle at bedtime. My plan is to have them off of it by a year old, but until then, I don’t think it’s that big a deal. Hey, I’ve seen two and three-year-olds still using bottles – I don’t think we’re doing all that bad.

 8. Your baby should have organic, homemade food whenever possible. 

Like I said above – my kids love french fries. And I know some people reading this may be appalled that my kids aren’t even a year old and have already tasted fast food. But one thing I’ve learned since God blessed me with two babies when I was praying for one is that the only two rules I need to follow with my twins are adapt and survive. I was already coming apart at the seams, totally overwhelmed, when someone close to me suggested I start making their baby food. I looked at them like they had ten heads. I’m thisclose to checking myself into a psych ward (no joke) and you want me to do MORE?! Sometimes, I just have to go with what’s easiest, and for us, that’s store-bought baby food. I do buy the organic kinds, but I will say the day I realized they could eat out of the squeezable baby food pouches on their own was one of the best days of my mom life thus far. Adapt. Survive. And do what’s best for us! Those are the only rules I intend to follow.

Moms, what rules did you break when it came to taking care of your kiddos? Leave a comment below and share!

3 thoughts on “8 Baby Rules I Broke (That I Swore I’d Follow)”

  • That rule that says “limit your child’s screen time” ??? Liam literally watches his iPad all day. #UNBOTHERED!

  • I’ve broken ALL 8… twice!! Jordan likes any and everything, even takes food out of my mouth! Won’t touch a sippy cup and Bryan wouldn’t either until after he was 1! Now, the baby food thing for Jordan, it is just cheaper and easier to cook veggies for him because I have to cook for myself and #1 anyway. ..minuswhale cook his too. Jordan doesn’t care for tv or videos, he’s too Damon busy and nosey but Bryan!!!!..? Bryan LIVED for baby Einsteins’ YouTube channel. That’s the only way Brandon got through days before daycare! I’m sure I’ve broken hundreds more but I think I have a pretty cool kid and #2 seems to be doing pretty good!

    You’re doing an AWESOME job with those boys! They’re surpassing mine by leaps and bounds…literally lol

  • Langston sleeps in his bassinet primarily, but plenty of those middle of the night feedings have resulted in a cosleeping situation. Even with the bassinet directly next to me, we both sleep better with him directly by my side.

    And we already get screen time, it’s like listening to an audiobook to me lol, early literacy skills!

    Zion barely used a bottle, she went from boob to cup at home (but had a bottle with the nanny up until about 6mo).

    Adapt and survive. You said that!

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