5 Weird & Embarrassing Things That Happened to Me While Pregnant

 My pregnancy with the twins wasn’t too terrible, and most of what I dealt with was pretty standard – nausea, hypersensitive nose, fatigue. Still, some stuff that happened to me felt way out of left field and I found myself googling “is this normal” every time something new popped up. Here are 5 weird, unexpected, or embarrassing things that happened to me while I was pregnant:

1. My neck turned black. Like, actually black.

So I’d heard pregnant women deal with all kinds of wonky things happening to their skin pigmentation, but I was totally caught off guard when I looked at a picture of myself and noticed my neck was 5 shades darker than my face. At first, I thought it was my makeup. Then I noticed it in a picture where I wasn’t wearing makeup, so I thought I just wasn’t washing my neck well enough. After scrubbing it raw in the shower, I finally googled “dark neck during pregnancy” and lo and behold, it was a thing. Confirmed by my mom looking at me one day and saying “Haha, when I was pregnant with your brother my neck turned black too!”

2. Brushing my teeth turned the sink into a crime scene.

Apparently during pregnancy, since you’re pumping more blood to grow a human or two, you’re more likely to have bleeding gums. I realized this when I looked like an extra from Fight Club every time I brushed my teeth. I was horrified. Then, after giving birth, suddenly it was better.

3. I fell asleep at work. All the time.

Teaching special needs preschool while pregnant is not an easy task. Thankfully I had three teaching assistants, because by my third trimester, I was pretty much glued to my desk chair all day. I got an hour break everyday while my kids went to PE, and I started using that period as “lie down and rest a bit” time. My classroom had a sensory room full of bean bags and pillows – the perfect nook for a pregnant teacher. Soon, lie down and rest became completely pass out in the middle of the school day only for my classroom staff to gently wake me up when my daily nap was over.

4. My favorite food was snow. As in outside, falling from the sky, snow.

I remember when it started. I was somewhere in my second trimester, watching an episode of Law and Order: SVU on Netflix. This episode took place in the winter, and being Manhattan, there was snow everywhere. Something in my brain snapped. “God, that looks delicious,” I thought. And that was it. From then on, I wanted to eat snow constantly. The craving was uncontrollable. A co-worker showed me pictures from her New Year’s Eve trip to Gatlinburg and I absolutely salivated. Now, we live in Alabama. There’s not a lot of snow to chow down on. And the one day we did have a snowfall, I suddenly got super paranoid about bacteria content and refused to eat any of it. Instead, I put ice in my Ninja food processor until it was super fine and ate it with a spoon. I did this at least twice a day, every day. When I gave birth, the snow craving mostly went away, but I can’t lie. Sometimes I still see a white-capped mountain scape on TV and still think, “Mmmmm.”

5. My regular breathing sounded like snoring. My snoring sounded like a buzz saw.

By the end of my pregnancy, if I was being still or not talking, everyone thought I was asleep. My two-year-old nephew shakes me, wanting to play. “Tee Tee, wake up! Wake up!” I was wide awake. I roll over in bed after playing on my phone for an hour and James asks me if I had a good nap. My breathing became so labored as I grew that I apparently sounded like I was snoring at all times. What was even worse was that when I actually was asleep, my snoring was so loud it actually drove James to sleep on a futon in our spare bedroom. I blame the twins! Still, super embarrassing on those occasions where I fell asleep in public (like at work.)

Moms, did you have any weird things happen to you during pregnancy? Comment below!

8 thoughts on “5 Weird & Embarrassing Things That Happened to Me While Pregnant”

  • Hey girlie!

    Just wanted to say as a new mother I enjoy reading your blog! And with just one, the concept of two is so intriguing!

    When I was expecting the only alarming thing for me was how tired I was. I mean I know everybody says it but I literally could sleep alllllll day and wake up and felt like it was a 15 minute nap!

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you’re enjoying reading! Girl, I was so tired. My bedtime was 7 PM every night, period!

  • Girl, that snow craving has me cracking up! I remember doing the EXACT same thing the first time I brushed my teeth and blood was everywhere. I was like, this is a thing? Lol. I had some other really random things, like I remember for a couple of months I had super itchy feet. I remember my nose getting clogged real easily/blowing it all the time. Also, a not so fun one, my ring finger went numb for like the last month of pregnancy ?

    • How weird! My fingers swelled so much at the end of my pregnancy, I couldn’t get my rings off ?

  • So hilarious! I have never had babies but can’t wait to see what happens when I get preggers 🙂

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